Hand To Hand Homecare solely provides nonmedical care.

Allow us to help you maintain a convenient and supportive environment.

This service consists of home-based supervision and monitoring activities that assist and/or instruct an individual in maintaining a comfortable and supportive environment when the person is unable to do so alone. Our companion can help alleviate your feelings of loneliness and assist you with some of your daily tasks.

Individuals dealing with advanced age, disability, or illness are commonly known to experience social isolation that could possibly lead them to depression. Avoid this from happening by letting one of our friendly companions keep you company at all times.

Our companion service includes:

  • Preparing/Planning Meals
  • Accompanying to Doctor Visits
  • Running Errands/Grocery Shopping
  • Provide a supportive and comfortable environment
  • Assist with phone calls and correspondence
  • Assist with errands and supervise activities as directed such as taking medications, dressing, etc.
  • Provide transportation to physicians, recreation, activities, etc.
  • Light housekeeping/home management

For more information about this service, please feel free to reach us today!